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In the beginning there was the sound, the word, the song.

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Trager – A Dance, A Song

There is a way of being
which is lighter
which is freer
A way in which work
as well as play
becomes a dance
and living a song
we can learn

Milton Trager, MD


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Our Products


The BoneTonerTM is an electronic tuning fork that effectively replaces the 12 tuning forks previously used for spinal bone toning. The Song of the Spine BoneToner is manually cycled through each of the resonant frequencies of the vertebrae, allowing the therapist to treat each vertebra of the spine quickly and smoothly.

Harmonic Resonator

The Harmonic Resonator is an electronic device that generates specific resonant frequencies that are converted to mechanical vibrations. Each specific vibration is generated in a hand-held probe that is placed on the appropriate part of the body. Frequency selection is achieved by the use of push buttons on the control unit.

Battery Operated Harmonic Resonator

Operation of the Harmonic Resonator is simple and direct. The basic procedure is to select a category of harmonic frequencies, then tune to the specific frequency needed for a specific treatment. The vibrating probe is applied to the appropriate part of the body.

Adjustable Electronic Turning Fork

This digital device is designed for use in sound healing and vibrational therapy, and by practitioners who wish to research the effects of particular vibrations when applied to the body. It replicates the vibration of metal tuning forks, and eliminates the need for having on-hand multiple one-tone forks.

Additional Information

Harmonics and Neurobiology

A new kind of vibrational therapy called bone toning makes it possible to restore the natural resonant harmonics of the spine. In other words it helps to re-tune the spine.


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Sound Creates Form

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration.Typically,the surface of a plate,diaphragm or membrane is vibrated with varying sound frequencies.