Adjustable Electronic Tuning Fork

In the beginning there was the sound, the word, the song.

Adjustable Electronic Tuning Fork

This is an a unique and amazing tool for research and experimentation using specific frequencies to achieve optimal benefits.

This digital device is designed for use in sound healing and vibrational therapy, and by practitioners who wish to research the effects of particular vibrations when applied to the body. It replicates the vibration of metal tuning forks, and eliminates the need for having on-hand multiple one-tone forks.

With the adjutable electronic tuning fork, a desired vibrational frequency is entered on the device’s keypad and the vibrations in the probe are started by pressing the * key. Pressing the # key stops the vibration. The frequencies can be increased or decreased in 1 Hertz steps. The device generates vibrations from about 4 Hertz to 1999 Hertz (for technical reasons, vibrations below 1 Hz and above 1999 Hz are not available on this device).

The Adjustable Electronic Tuning Fork can be used in place of either the Song of the Spine BoneToner or the Harmonic Resonator, both of which have pre-set frequencies. With the Adjustable Electronic Tuning Fork, simply key in a whole-number frequency and press the * start key.

Metal tuning forks used to tone the spine have frequencies ranging from 130.81 Hz to 246.94 Hz. Because the adjustable tuning fork is limited to whole number frequencies, you need to select the nearest matching number, for example, 131 for 130.81 Hz, or 247 for 246.94 Hz.

It is strongly recommended that you muscle test to determine if a frequency is the correct one. A weak muscle-test response means the frequency is not appropriate. A strong muscle-test response indicates you have the correct frequency.  For more information about muscle testing, refer to my books, Song of the Spine and The Human Symphony.

The frequencies used by the BoneToner and the Harmonic Resonator for toning the spine, brain, and body are listed on a sheet that accompanies the Adjustable Electronic Tuning Fork. These frequencies can be used for your initial vibrational therapy treatments. But do not hesitate to experiment with other frequencies. Just remember to muscle test first.

The Adjustable Electronic Tuning Fork consists of a control unit about 5 by 7 inches in size, a hand-held probe with a vibrating tip connected to the control unit by a 70-inch cable, and a power supply that plugs into a 120-volt outlet and outputs 9 volts DC, center pole positive. The control unit has an ON-OFF switch, a small display, and a keypad.  The display shows the frequency that has been keyed in.

To operate the device, switch it ON. Then use the keypad to enter a frequency, say 131,
and press the * key to start the vibration in the probe. Hold the probe in your hand and press it gently against the body part being toned. Do not press too lightly or too hard. Test the vibrating probe against your hand or arm to determine how much pressure to apply.

Remember to muscle test before you begin toning. You also can muscle test while toning. If the response is strong, continue toning for a short time. If the response is weak, stop toning.

Press the # key to stop the vibration. A different frequency can then be entered.
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This is an a unique and amazing tool

The creation of my new device an adjustable electronic tuning fork allowed me to test a wider range of frequencies ( 4HZ-2,000HZ). Recently I have discovered that the fundamental frequencies for the spine is approximately ½ the frequencies I have determined previously with tuning forks…(130,81 -246.94 HZ) However I have found that in treating individuals that the first harmonic (my original frequencies in Song of the Spine)are just as optimal in treatment as the fundamental frequencies.


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