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In the beginning there was the sound, the word, the song.

Song of the Spine BoneToner

Once Dr. Wieder completed her research and came up with the resonant frequencies that corresponded with each vertebrae (see The Human Resonator), she began the painstaking task of creating a tunable, hand-held, frequency generator that could replace the entire set of tuning forks used for spinal bone toning. Tuning forks have been effective in restoring the harmonic resonance of the spine, however they are not always the most practical or easiest method for bone toning.

Harmonic Resonator

The Harmonic Resonator is an electronic turning fork that generates specific resonant frequencies that are converted to mechanical vibrations. Each specific vibration is generated in a hand-held probe that is placed on the appropriate part of the body. Frequency selection is achieved by the use of push buttons on the control unit.
In addition to its use for vibrational healing, the Harmonic Resonator is convenient tool for researchers who want to study the beneficial effects of vibrational therapies.


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Harmonics and Neurobiology

A new kind of vibrational therapy called bone toning makes it possible to restore the natural resonant harmonics of the spine. In other words it helps to re-tune the spine.


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Sound Creates Form

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration.Typically,the surface of a plate,diaphragm or membrane is vibrated with varying sound frequencies.

Dr. Wieder's Books, Interviews and Article

Dr. Wieder has made a notable contribution to the literature concerning alternative healing arts with her book Song of the Spine. Her condensed and highly readable history of the healing applications of rhythm and tone covers a wide variety of vibrational energies. Dr. Wieder's own clinical research and therapeutic experience as a chiropractor has yielded an intriguing theory regarding the 'home' tones of the vertebrae and their significance for neurological, physiological and psychological well-being. Anyone interested in energy medicine in its many forms will find much of interest here.
-Deane Juhan, author of Job's Body:A Handbook for Bodywork

THE-HUMAN-SYMPHONYThe Human Symphony compares the human body to an orchestra. Like an orchestra, the body has many players who must be in tune with one another. When the players are harmoniously in tune, the result is a joyous symphony. When the body’s natural rhythms are in tune and vibrating in harmony, we have good health, energy, and vitality. When our body rhythms are out of tune, our health is impaired. Each body system has its own tone, its own rhythm, its own harmony, and together they sing the human symphony. The natural rhythms of the body can be restored with sound or vibration. The ancient origins of sound healing are outlined by Dr. Wieder and the basis of modern sound therapy is reviewed.

The spine sings a song, but sometimes it sings out of tune. When the spine sings well, it moves effortlessly and harmoniously, with all parts of the body working as an integral unit. When the spine is out of tune, movement becomes stiff, uncomfortable, and, too often, painful. A new kind of vibrational therapy, bone toning, makes it possible to restore the natural resonant harmonics of the spine.