In the beginning there was the sound, the word, the song.

CASE History

A young woman who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis came to me with a complaint of numbness in both hands. I gave her a thorough evaluation using orthopedic and neurological tests, which revealed fixations and subluxations in her cervical and thoracic spine at the level C1 and T1. I treated these two vertebrae with the appropriate frequency (130.81 Hz) for approximately 10 seconds. In only a few moments, the subject said that complete sensation had returned to both of her hands. The effect of this single treatment lasted for several months, but the numbness returned after she took antibiotics prescribed by her physician. After the numbness continued for a few days, she came to my office again for Bone Toning treatment. I repeated the same protocol, and both hands regained full sensation.”


Testimonials From Real BoneToner Users

Dr Wieder applied the BoneToner to two vertebrae for a minute or so each with the IMMEDIATE result that I could once again breathe deeply without pain !! I could raise my arm over my head and the pain was reduced by 85%! This was after just 2 minutes of treatment and the results immediate. Hurray for Dr. June Wieder and her remarkable BoneToner.
Richard O.

When I arrived my back was stiff and legs sore. Dr. Wieder used her new product called a BoneToner on my lower back. Instantly my left leg began to tingle and my back felt totally relaxed. When she went to adjust it, it was easy and totally painless. It felt great !
Cindy B.

After a strenuous day I became very sore in the mid left side of my spine, suffering pain similar to a throbbing toothache in this area. When I moved the soreness and pain became more severe as the day progressed. My chiropractor, Dr. June Leslie Wieder had told me about her Song of the Spine BoneToner. As I was in a great deal of pain and soreness, I eagerly, asked Dr. June for help.
After a minute of her treatment with her BoneToner I began to feel relief. The soreness and pain vanished. The next day march 9 2012 I have had no pain or soreness.
Thank you Dr. June for your miracle invention…..the BoneToner.
Mirendia K.

My name is Richie and I am writing this as a testament to the remarkable efficacy of the BoneToner device designed by Dr. June Leslie Wieder. I was suffering with severe pain in my right arm with very restricted motion. I could not even raise my arm. In addition it hurt to cough or sneeze or breath deeply. After just one minute I received relief from miserable pain, and I noticed an increase in vision to my right eye and sensations in my right hand. That was at least one week ago…and it’s still here. Yeah!! I Love it.



A good starting point is to determine where the client is experiencing muscular tension. Complaints such as headaches, stomach, heart or lung problems offers clues about the region of the spine to check. Headache responds to toning the first and second cervical vertebrae and the first and second thoracic vertebrae. For visceral changes such as digestive disorders, or heart and lung dysfunction, look at where the nerves for that function exit the spine. For example, the spinal nerves that innervate the lungs are at the level of the second and third thoracic vertebrae.

“To obtain
optimal results
muscle testing
must be applied”

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Harmonics and Neurobiology

A new kind of vibrational therapy called bone toning makes it possible to restore the natural resonant harmonics of the spine. In other words it helps to re-tune the spine.



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Sound Creates Form

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration.Typically,the surface of a plate,diaphragm or membrane is vibrated with varying sound frequencies.