Song of the Spine

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"In the beginning, there was sound. As above, so below. Everything is vibration. Every now and then a new voice comes along that breathes vitality and clarity into these new age cliches. June Leslie Wieder, in her book Song of the Spine, succeeds in transmitting this rare state of illumination. Dr. Wieder, a chiropractor, has developed a healing technique called bone toning, which uses pure musical tones to bring the spinal vertebrae, as well as the subtler energy systems of the body, into attunement and alignment. Astonishingly, Dr. Wieder has discovered that the spinal vertebrae are individually tuned to the notes of the diatonic scale in C, including the "black keys" of the piano for the reverse curves of the cervical and lumbar segments of the spine. How can the human body be tuned to an arbitrary scale, the chromatic scale in C? How, we might rather ask, can it not? True to the hermetic principle of "As above, so below," we humans evolved in the context of our planet Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the cosmos. The song of the spine is the Pythagorean music of the spheres. We are all connected through the shared sea of vibration from which we emerged, and in which we still swim. Through empirical clinical research, the author arrived at her discovery of the therapeutic benefit of stimulating a misaligned vertebra with a vibrating tuning fork appropriate to its particular frequency. The way was prepared, however, by ancient esoteric teachings and the traditions of energy medicine dating from early peoples up to the present. Today even orthodox medicine employs vibratory frequencies in diagnosis and treatment, as in sonograms, x-rays, laser therapy, and electrical stimulation. In a brief 129 pages, Dr. Wieder lays out a rich and complex history of healing traditions and innovations utilizing sound, music, light, electricity, and other vibratory modalities. She describes manipulative therapies that aim to restore balance in the skeleton, muscles, nerves, cells, mind, and spirit, through properly applied frequencies of energy or touch. She shows how sound manifests as form, as revealed in the science of Cymatics, and how we can access the unconscious wisdom of the organism through muscle testing, or applied kinesiology. Amidst this dizzying array of energy techniques, manipulative therapies, scientific research, and occult philosophy, I often wished for a footnote to point me toward a fuller exposition of an intriguing point. The suggested readings and websites listed at the end of the book help to fill this one noticeable deficit (besides the need for an index), and represent a stellar selection of resources on energy medicine, sound, music, and acoustics. This book is overtly addressed to health practitioners who might be interested in exploring the bone toning technique. More broadly, it is for anyone who can appreciate a seamlessly holistic view of the place of humans in the larger scheme of things, and of healing as a process of attunement. It is rare for a writer to "get it" as completely and succinctly as Dr. Wieder does."
-Kathy Goss, author of books on complementary medicine

"I would definitely endorse Dr. June's work. It is brilliant."
-Jeff Volk, publisher, Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena

Dr. Wieder has made a notable contribution to the literature concerning alternative healing arts with her book Song of the Spine. Her condensed and highly readable history of the healing applications of rhythm and tone covers a wide variety of vibrational energies. Dr. Wieder's own clinical research and therapeutic experience as a chiropractor has yielded an intriguing theory regarding the 'home' tones of the vertebrae and their significance for neurological, physiological and psychological well-being. Anyone interested in energy medicine in its many forms will find much of interest here.
-Deane Juhan, author of Job's Body:A Handbook for Bodywork

"I highly recommend Song of the Spine. Dr. Wieder is the first modern day chiropractor to explain the concept of tone and its importance in structural healing. This excellent book begins with an overview of sound healing and then focuses on the specifics of applying sound to the spine. Through her muscle testing research, she has developed specific frequencies for each vertebra, which can be systematically applied with tuning forks. Song of the Spine sings to our inner healer and opens new vistas for doctors, sound healers, and anyone interested in the new energy medicine."
-John Beaulieu, N.D. Ph.D., author,Music and Sound in the Healing Arts

"Song of the Spine is an important book that provides a unique and innovative application of sound as a healing modality. It is of particular interest to health practitioners of chiropractic, osteopathic, acupuncture and other bodywork treatments."
-Jonathan Goldman, author, Healing Sounds
"Song of the Spine is literally a brilliant discovery and confirmation of the fundamental concept that the tone of the nervous system is responsible for the health and vitality of the mind and body. Revealing the vibrational frequencies of all the vertebrae of the human spine is itself a monumental achievement that will be applied by our current and future physicians in extraordinary ways. Dr. Wieder has re-shaped the future of vibrational medicine." -Steve Angel, DC

"Docta June has taken a fearless position of literally asking a 'musical question' about life and then boldly answering it through her own hard work. Song of the Spine combines insight with dedication to detail and tells the story of a pioneering healer. Spend a few minutes with this passionate 'light worker' and discover the simple, but profound truths she embodies." -Mark R. Filippi,DC,Behavioral Chiropracto

The spine sings a song, but it sometimes sings out of tune. When the spine sings well, it moves effortlessly and harmoniously, with all parts of the body working as an integral unit. Like muscles, bones can lose their tone. Factors such as insufficient use, trauma from accidents, poor nutrition, stress, and disease can result in bone degeneration and loss of tone. When the spine is out of tune, the harmonic waves traveling up and down the spine are interrupted, and movement becomes stiff, uncomfortable, and painful.

The nervous system holds the key to the body's incredible potential to heal itself,and the spinal column houses that system.

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Table of Contents

  1. 1) Song of the Spine
    2) Harmonic Healing - A Brief History
    3) The Soul of Harmony and the Science of Harmonics
    4) Some Modern Sound Therapies
    5) Sound Creates Form
    6) Bone Toning
    7) Muscle Testing
    8) Procedures, Case Histories & Research
    9) Vibrational Healing
    10) Neurobiology of Vibrational Healing
    11) Future Directions
    12) The Dance of Life